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Coffrets gastronomiques

Coffrets gastronomiques

You would like to buy gastronomic boxes and offer them to your employees, customers, partners or even to your loved ones? Then you will certainly find the ideal package among our creations. As you will see, there is something for every taste. In parallel, we give you the possibility to create your own gourmet package.

Do you have any questions before placing an order? You need help to choose? Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Gourmet gift box idea

For almost any occasion, you can give gourmet gift boxes. In this case, this attention is appropriate in the private sphere as well as in a professional setting. Thus, you can have this gesture towards your customers, your partners, your collaborators but also towards your relatives.

Whoever the recipient, you can be sure to please. With our gourmet boxes, you will simply offer a unique and memorable taste journey. By the way, note that you can find gourmet packages at all prices. So, whatever your budget, don’t hesitate to check out our catalog !

Fidelize your customers with our gourmet boxes

Are you used to offering gifts to your important customers or even to all your customers ? Perhaps you do this at the end of the year, just before Christmas. In this case, such a gesture can earn you points and encourage customer loyalty.

That being said, it can be difficult to renew from one year to the next. Of course, you certainly want to find an original idea that will please. A mediocre gift would not have the desired effect.

In this context, go for gourmet gift sets without hesitation. With such a colis noël entreprise, it’s guaranteed success !

Strengthen your partnerships with such a gift

On a day-to-day basis, you likely work with a variety of partners, including business contributors, subcontractors and others. And these partnerships can be strategic in the development of your business. Thus, it would be a good idea to offer gourmet boxes to your important partners.

Through this attention, you would show all the consideration you have for them. And certainly, it would help to strengthen your business ties.

Thank your employees

Your employees work hard all year round for your business. As you know, they contribute greatly to the success of your business. Thus, it only seems logical to thank them from time to time with a thank you gift for men or women. Many companies actually take advantage of the end of the year to do this. Do you also have this habit? So this year, why not opt for gourmet boxes?

With this choice, you can be sure to see smiles on the faces of your employees. They will certainly salivate at the sight of the different flavors in their gift basket. And you can be sure of their appreciation.

By the way, having this type of attention is certainly a way to thank the teams for their efforts during the year. But it’s more than just a thank you. It is also a motivational tool for productivity. Indeed, after receiving such a gift, your teams will want to get more involved. Therefore, it can have a positive effect on productivity but also on turnover;

You want to offer a company committee tasting box? Don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Surprise your friends or your family with a pleasant surprise

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for your friends or family ? In that case, we suggest you order gourmet boxes. In this case, you have all the chances to please with such a gift. Your loved ones will be delighted to taste exceptional products, alone or with others.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until Christmas to give such a gift. In fact, this gift is also suitable for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter… This gesture can also be used as a thank you. And even, you could have this delicate initiative without any particular occasion. The surprise would then be all the greater !

A gift suitable for many other occasions

In reality, gourmet boxes are suitable in many other circumstances : retirement, housewarming, company anniversary, etc. Whatever the time of year, you can perfectly offer this gift. It will be well received in winter as well as in summer. Of course, you can choose the contents of your corporate gift basket according to the season.

So you want to buy gourmet boxes ? Feel free to browse our catalog and order in a few clicks via our site ! For any question, our team is at your disposal.




Are you planning to buy gourmet gift boxes for your loved ones, your clients, employees or even for your partners ? Then make the choice DJEFF & MATH CREATION. Indeed, you won’t regret it. Even if our company is still young, many professionals and individuals have already trusted us. And some of them have already expressed their satisfaction. For your order, you can therefore give us all your confidence.

Do not hesitate to consult our online catalog. And contact our team without further delay if you have any questions !

Exceptional products

Why choose us for your gourmet boxes ? First of all, because we only offer exceptional products. In this case, we select each flavor with the utmost care. More precisely, all the products in our catalog have been tested and approved. And we always maintain the same high standards when introducing new products.

That is to say, we only include high quality products in our catalog. In this way, we want to offer a great taste experience through our gourmet boxes.

A constant search for new flavors

For the record, our teams are constantly looking for new flavors. With this in mind, we regularly meet with new producers but also our historical producers. During the year, we also go to various shows, fairs or events in order to unearth new products.

In this way, our catalog is bound to evolve over the months and years. Of course, this search for novelties is not done at the expense of quality. As mentioned, our level of requirement remains constant in order to offer you a positive and original taste experience.

A focus on French producers

Finally, let us specify that our catalog honors French products. Indeed, this positioning is a strong choice of DJEFF & MATH CREATION.

In fact, France has an impressive quantity of exceptional products. Some of them have even gained an international reputation. It is for example the case of champagne or French wine. More generally, the hexagon is particularly recognized for its gastronomy.

In this context, we have therefore decided to focus on French producers and local. This positioning also meets a real demand since the French particularly appreciate local flavors.

Local production : an environmental conscience

By the way, local sourcing helps reduce CO2 emissions related to transportation. By traveling fewer kilometers, local products are actually more environmentally friendly than foreign products.

You are probably aware of current ecological issues. So, you are certainly paying attention to your purchases, so that they are as responsible as possible.

In this context, you can buy your gourmet boxes at DJEFF & MATH CREATION without having a guilty conscience. Do not hesitate to browse our catalog to discover all our creations!

Gourmet boxes to offer to celebrate a special event



Do you want to buy gourmet boxes to offer to your customers, employees, partners or relatives ? In this case, we invite you to consult our catalog first. As you can see, we offer a relatively wide choice. You will indeed have the choice between salted filled baskets, sweet baskets, organic boxes, vegan packages, etc. You get it : there is truly something for everyone.

For your information, we offer gourmet boxes at all prices. Whatever your budget, you can find the ideal basket. To clarify, some gourmet packages cost less than 20 euros while others reach almost 100 euros.

In any case, make your choice according to your finances and your preferences! And get in touch with our team if you have any request.

Our 100% savory baskets

As mentioned, our catalog features first of all 100% savory baskets. Inside these packages, you can for example find duck foie gras, aperitif cookies, spreads or terrines. In any case, they contain exceptional products.

It is a good idea to choose savory products for your gourmet boxes. Indeed, it avoids disappointing people who do not like sugar or for whom this substance is not recommended.

Discover our various 100% salted baskets. And order online in a few clicks !

Our sweet baskets

France is famous all over the world for its desserts and pastries. And a good number of French people love chocolates, cookies, cakes, candies, fruit jellies, etc. In this context, we had to offer 100% sweet filled baskets in order to satisfy the most greedy.

Inside such gourmet boxes, you can notably find jams, salted butter caramel crunchies, prune and chocolate financiers or even classic mini panettones.

Would you like to order 100% sweet packages? Filter our catalog according to this criterion and make your choice !

Our baskets combining sweet and savory flavors

To please as many people as possible, we have also imagined baskets combining sweet and salty. In this case, you can find several baskets that perfectly blend these two worlds. Such packages can then include spreads, assorted chocolates, poultry appetizers with Sauternes or even slices of panettone with Morello cherries.

Discover all our gourmet boxes mixing sweet and savory. And make your choice according to your budget !

Our non-alcoholic gift sets

As you probably know, some people do not consume alcohol. The reasons can be various and varied : conviction, bad experience, taste… To satisfy this clientele, we have thus designed gourmet boxes, which contain no alcohol.

Such boxes can however mix sweet and salty flavors, while including one or several non-alcoholic drinks.  

If you are planning to buy such gourmet boxes, filter our catalog by this dimension. You will then be able to quickly choose your gift basket !

Our pork-free box sets

Similarly, some French people do not eat pork. To meet this demand, we then prepared gourmet boxes, which exclude all pork products.

If you want to buy such a gift basket, you can filter our catalog according to this criterion. Thus, you will be able to find the ideal package  very quickly!

Our organic packages

In parallel, more and more French people want to consume organic products. Indeed, consumers are particularly attentive to their health. Thus, as much as possible, they prefer to eat food, which has been produced without the use of chemicals. Even if eating organic has a cost, the trend is becoming more democratic.

In these circumstances, we offer organic gourmet boxes. These baskets contain only certified organic products. Browse our catalog without further delay to discover these organic gourmet packages!

Our vegan packages

Finally, some people don’t want to consume any animal products that are derived from an animal. This vegan trend is currently in the minority. However, a good number of French people still claim to be vegan. In order to respond positively to this clientele, we have therefore developed vegan gourmet boxes.

According to your convictions and your budget, choose among our creations. Whatever your choice, you can be sure of the quality of the products. In all cases, the gourmet boxes selected will offer a positive and unusual taste experience. Order online in a few clicks. And contact our team without hesitation if you have any questions !

You do not find your happiness among the gastronomic boxes of our catalog ? Would you rather create your own customized gift basket? Then you should know that we give you the opportunity. Indeed, if you wish, you can create from A to Z your gourmet package. To do so, you will have to follow 3 distinct steps.

First, you will make your choice regarding the composition of the gourmet packages. Then, it will be time to select the packaging of your tasting basket. And finally, the third step is to personalize the package according to the chosen method..

Do you want to offer unique gourmet boxes that reflect your image? Then start the personalization process without further delay! Note by the way that you can count on our team if you ever need help.

In order to offer 100% unique gourmet boxes, the first step is to decide on their composition. In this case, you have complete freedom on the subject. You can mix savory and sweet products. You can add drinks with or without alcohol. Of course, you will have to make your choice from our product catalog. However, as you will see, we offer a huge variety of sweet, savory and drink products.

Please note that our team can help you make your choice, if you need help. Also, we would be happy to answer your questions if you have any.

Select sweet flavors

Would you like to incorporate sweet flavors into your gourmet boxes ? It is indeed quite possible from the DJEFF & MATH CREATION catalog. Inside our card, you will be able to distinguish chocolates, fruit jellies, cookies, jams without forgetting the confectionery.

In the sweet category, we suggest you in particular the pink cookies of Reims, which marry marvelously with champagne. To please everyone, you can also choose spreads or an assortment of chocolates. And if you have some budget left, you can add traditional canelés or delicious mini rum babas.

Of course, these are just suggestions. You have complete freedom in the choice of sweet flavors !

Choose among our savory products

Do you want to compose a 100% savory basket ? You want to achieve a balance between sweet and salty products ? Then proceed with your selection from our salted products menu. In this case, you will have to decide between foie gras, terrines, pâtés, confits, antipasti, aperitif cookies, spreads, ready-made meals, condiments and cured meats.

To bring a salty touch to your gourmet boxes, we recommend a block of foie gras. This is a must-have product, especially during Christmas. Then complete your basket with sea salt breadsticks. These will be a real hit as an aperitif. Then, continue the composition with a chestnut terrine, a duo of salmon with fine herbs, a squash risotto. Finally, discover an original flavor with a seaweed mustard.

According to your preferences and your inspirations, choose the sweet products of your gourmet boxes !

Add one or more drinks

To enrich your gourmet boxes, you can add one or more drinks. You will then have the choice between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. More exactly, our catalog references sweet drinks, teas, coffee, wines, spirits, aperitifs but also beers.

Among the wines, you can find white wine, rosé or even red wine. Of course, our catalog offers different bottles of champagne. If you can afford it, you will certainly mark the spirits with champagne.

Among the non-alcoholic drinks, you will find delicious fruit juices, syrups, different kinds of teas or coffee. So select the drinks, which will be part of your gourmet boxes!

Do you need help to compose your baskets? Do you have questions about one of the products? Do not hesitate to contact our team!

Gourmet boxes for an exceptional moment

Package your gourmet gift sets as you see fit

Are you done selecting the flavors for your gourmet boxes ? Then move on to step two and choose the packaging. You may not realize it, but the presentation of a gift basket is very important. Indeed, it conditions the way it will be received. A nice package will definitely create a positive feeling and a smiling welcome. On the other hand, poor packaging is likely to cause frustration or even dissatisfaction.

There are many studies on the subject. To make a good impression, it is therefore essential to take care of the presentation of the gourmet boxes. This is why we offer you a wide choice in this field. To specify, our catalog is divided into several materials: cardboard, metal, natural materials, wood or slate. In the same way, this last is declined in many models: baskets, baskets, trays, boxes, etc.

So take the time to think and make your choice !

Cardboard packaging

Currently, the cardboard is experiencing great popularity. This material is indeed often used for packaging. And for good reason, cardboard offers a good malleability. In this case, this allows us to offer you several shapes for your gourmet boxes.

At the same time, these cardboard packages offer a beautiful aesthetic with several colors available and several shapes. The lightness of this material also plays in its favor since transport will be easier. Finally, if you have any environmental concerns, you will be delighted to learn that cardboard can be recycled or composted.

So for your gourmet boxes, discover all our cardboard packaging !

Metal packaging

Would you like to choose a stronger and more durable material for your gourmet boxes ? If so, we can direct you to metal packaging. In this case, these packages can then be reused to store other products. Thanks to their good longevity, they can be kept for several years without difficulty.

At the same time, you can also count on the aesthetics of this material. The rendering of your packages will be particularly successful. Our catalog offers several models. So do not hesitate to make your choice according to your preferences !

Natural materials

In parallel, we offer natural materials such as wicker or even bamboo. These materials will obviously appeal to the greatest number. In this case, such gastronomic boxes prove to be very aesthetic. In addition, people will be able to keep the packaging (basket, basket or other) and use it in a sustainable way.

In this category, our catalog gives you the choice between baskets, baskets, trays, etc. Discover without further delay all the possibilities offered !


Wood embodies a noble material. And obviously, gourmet boxes will definitely be well received. Moreover, wood will bring a warm aspect to the package but also a beautiful aesthetic.

That being said, this material also presents a beautiful durability and a great solidity. Thus, the recipients of the baskets will be able to reuse the packaging to store all kinds of products.

If you want a wooden packaging, several models are available. Make your choice !


Slate constitutes a really original material. If you wish, then you can opt for a slate tray. However, this choice must be compatible with the selected products. And unfortunately, this compatibility is not always there.

That being said, note that a slate tray will be able to be reused as a cheese tray or charcuterie tray.


Finally, note that we offer polypropylene packaging. You have never heard of this material ? Then you should know that it is obtained by polymerization of propylene monomer thanks to catalysts. More simply, it is a thermoplastic resin, which is used to manufacture baskets.

In this matter, we offer several alternatives. Do not hesitate to browse our catalog to make your decision! About,

Have you selected the packaging for your gourmet boxes ? The final step is to finish personalizing them. To do this, you can incorporate a personalized card, which will feature the message of your choice. Alternatively, you can apply a sticker to the packaging.

Other alternatives are also available to you. In this case, you can also inscribe a message on the packaging thanks to UV printing, or wood engraving.

Such personalization will really add value to your gourmet boxes. So don’t miss out !

Make a difference with a personalized card

Without a doubt, you’ll want to send a message through your gourmet boxes. And it’s even recommended. Indeed, packages without a card could look very impersonal. In doing so, the pleasure caused by the gourmet boxes would not be as strong as with a personalized card.

Of course, we recommend that you write an impactful message to achieve the desired effect. The card can be used to say thank you, congratulate, motivate, etc. So choose the right words !

Turn your tasting packages into real communication tools

By the way, note that you can turn your gourmet boxes into communication tools. To do so, you can simply put your EC gourmet packages in your company colors. Similarly, you can associate your company’s logo and name with your gourmet boxes.

In order to achieve such a result, you can for example use a sticker, UV printing or even wood engraving.

Some of our customers sometimes encounter some difficulties in choosing their gourmet boxes. In this case, they may hesitate between several gourmet baskets. They may also have questions in relation to specific products. If you encounter the same type of problem, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We will be happy to help you and answer all your questions.  

Similarly, it is not necessarily obvious to compose a basket, to choose its packaging or to personalize it. At each step of the personalization process, you can rely on our team’s know-how. We will be happy to advise you and accompany you before you place your order.

Contact us without the slightest hesitation if you have any questions !

Do you have any doubts about our products or some of them ? Then know that we give you the opportunity to proceed to a tasting before placing any order. In this regard, we offer you two alternatives. First option: you can come to our premises to test the desired products. In this case, all you have to do is make an appointment for the tasting.

second option: if you are too far away to come to our premises, we will send you a sample of the desired products. After tasting, you will then have all the cards in hand to choose your gourmet boxes.

You would like to order gastronomic boxes ? Know then that we ensure deliveries on the whole metropolitan France. To specify, we will be able to deliver your baskets quickly and within the announced deadlines. Thanks to the professionalism of the carriers, they will arrive in perfect condition.

So don’t hesitate any longer and order your gourmet boxes without further delay. Or contact us if you have any questions!