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Coffrets gourmands

Coffrets gourmands

Specialized in the sale of gourmet boxes, we offer only quality products made in France. In this case, the hexagon has a magnificent soil and wonderful producers. Thus, we wish to honor them through our various gastronomic baskets.

You wish to offer some to your partners, your customers, your collaborators or your close relations? Make your choice among our creations or compose your own gourmet package. And contact our team if you have any request!

Idea of gourmet boxes to offer

Would you like to order 100% savory gourmet boxes?

Then know that you can find this type of alternative on our catalog.

As it happens, not everyone enjoys sweets. For example, some people avoid eating sugar to avoid gaining weight.

For others, sugar is contraindicated in relation to diabetes or another pathology.

In this context, choosing a basket composed exclusively of salty products is not such a bad idea.

If you are looking for such gourmet boxes, we offer you several alternatives. Then make your choice according to your budget and according to your preferences !

Sweet Boxes

You want to order 100% sweet gourmet boxes ? You can also find that among our creations !

For information, many French people love pastries, candies, chocolates or cookies. To take the example of candies, the average consumption is 3.3 kilos per year and per person. However, children are the biggest consumers with a consumption of 7 grams per day and per child. In parallel, the average consumption of adults is 4.8 grams per day.

All this proves in any case that the French appreciate sweets. Thus, you have every chance to please with 100% sweet gourmet boxes. Choose then among the various alternatives offered by our catalog !

Coffrets mixing sweet & savory

You want to vary the pleasures by mixing sweet and salty?

Then you should know that we also offer such gourmet boxes. For example, your package could contain a block of foie gras, a rosé wine, spreads, fruits in syrup, chocolate or truffles.

Are you interested in this type of gastronomic basket ? Then check out our catalog without further delay !

Coffrets with alcohol

France is particularly known for its wines and for its champagne. In parallel, the French soil also produces beers and other alcoholic beverages. Some of our gourmet gift sets then include one or more bottles of alcohol.

In terms of gifts, giving a good bottle of alcohol is relatively popular. As the French like to drink, this type of product has all the chances to seduce. In addition, including a bottle of alcohol in a tasting box will enhance the perceived value of the latter.

So if you are looking for gourmet baskets containing alcohol, we invite you to browse our catalog !

Non-alcoholic gift baskets

As you may have noticed, some people don’t drink alcohol because of taste, conviction or bad experiences. Moreover, you may be part of these people, who are against alcohol consumption. In this context, we propose gourmet boxes without alcohol.

To clarify, we have imagined several gourmet boxes mixing sweet products, savory products and non-alcoholic drinks. Feel free to make your choice according to your preferences !

Organic boxes

In supermarkets, organic products are taking an increasingly important place. Indeed, a good number of French people plebiscite these products, even if they sometimes cost a little more.

The organic label guarantees that no chemical products have been used during the production process. And this greatly reassures consumers.

Would you like to order organic gourmet boxes ? You can also find them at DJEFF & MATH CREATION. Feel free to choose from our catalog ! 

Vegan gift boxes

You intend to offer your gourmet boxes to people, who do not consume animals or animal products ? Then you can order one of our vegan hampers. As you’ll see, these baskets contain delicious ethical products. So take your pick from our creations !

Pork-free baskets

Finally, some French people don’t eat pork. To please everyone, DJEFF & MATH CREATION has thus imagined pork-free gourmet boxes. These packages can contain sweet, savory or even drinks. According to your preferences, select your gift basket!

As you can see, our catalog is adapted to all tastes. So, you will certainly find the ideal gift basket among our creations. Make your choice and order in a few clicks via our website. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our team!

For information, our gourmet boxes are composed exclusively of French products. Namely, this is a strong positioning of DJEFF & MATH CREATION.

In fact, France has talented producers, a magnificent terroir and a rich gastronomy. Some products enjoy a positive reputation throughout the world. This is particularly true of champagne and wines, which are easily exported abroad. In this context, we want to highlight French products. In this way, we support local know-how and producers in France

What’s more, this supply of local products meets the current climate issues. In this case, we effectively avoid many CO2 emissions related to transport.

Like most of our fellow citizens, we are concerned about global warming and the over-consumption of natural resources. Under these circumstances, we therefore want to offer responsible gourmet boxes.

n parallel, we have a priority : to offer exclusively exceptional products. With this in mind, we choose each flavor with the utmost care. Thus, the French manufacture constitutes a necessary but not sufficient condition for a product to appear in our catalog. To be selected, a product must be distinguished by its flavors.

With our gourmet boxes, we want to offer a taste experience that is out of the ordinary. This is simply our trademark.

By choosing DJEFF & MATH CREATION gourmet boxes, you can be sure to please. Indeed, such a gift is like offering a delicious tasting. Discover our catalog and make your choice among our gourmet creations!

Gourmet boxes to offer: an original idea

Our catalog doesn’t exactly meet your expectations ? You have not found any creation to your taste ? In that case, we suggest you create your own personalized garnished basket. In other words, we give you carte blanche for your gourmet boxes !

In this case, the first step is to choose the contents of your tasting packages. In the second step, you will decide on the packaging. And finally, you have the possibility to personalize your gourmet baskets.

Please note that our team is at your side during these steps to help you if necessary. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions !

Select the contents of your gourmet gift boxes

You want to compose your gourmet boxes ? Then the first step is to select their contents. In this case, you can choose from all the products on our menu. As you will see, our catalog is declined in sweet flavors, savory flavors and drinks.

Whatever type of product you choose, you can be sure of their quality. As a reminder, we select each flavor with the utmost care.

Discovering sweet flavors

Would you like to include sweet flavors in your gourmet boxes ? Then of course we give you the opportunity. In this case, France is very well known for its desserts, pastries and more generally for its sweets. In this context, our catalog references chocolates, cookies, jams, confectionery and fruit jellies.

For example, among the proposed products, you can find a bag of praline tonka bean, mini chocolate bars, cookies rose de Reims, chocolate cookies, nonettes with honey and blackcurrant, gingerbread bites with blackcurrant or a jam lychee and raspberry. Of course, the list is far from being exhaustive.

Would you like to discover all our sweet flavors? Consult our catalog without further delay! And make your choice according to your preferences.

A wide choice among savory flavors

In parallel, the French terroir has many salted flavors of exception. These are thus represented in our catalog. In this case, this one will make you travel to the four corners of France.

We can divide our salted flavors into several categories: foie gras, confits, pâtés, terrines, aperitif cookies, spreads, antipasti, ready-made meals, cured meats and condiments. As you can see, the choice is vast for your gourmet boxes.

For the composition of your gourmet baskets, you can choose for example a block of duck foie gras. As you will see, several quantities are proposed. You can also choose an onion confit with honey, a fig chutney.

If you want to include some appetizer cookies, you can add onion shortbread or beet wafers. In parallel, our catalog proposes for example a chestnut terrine, a scallop antipasti with citrus fruits and pink hummus with goat cheese.

In the category “cooked dishes”, we have duck with ceps. Finally, you will also find in our catalog mustard with seaweed, vinegar with combava zest or a sausage with porcini mushrooms;

The possibilities are numerous, especially since we have not listed all the savory products. Discover them all by browsing our online catalog !

Focus on drinks

Would you like to enrich your gourmet boxes with one or more drinks ? Then you should know that DJEFF & MATH CREATION offers you a nice choice in this field. As a reminder, we only offer drinks made in France.

According to your preferences, you can then opt for a sweet drink, tea, coffee, wine, a spirit, a beer or even an aperitif.

You want to have a better overview of the drinks in our catalog ? Then you should know that it contains rosé wines, red wines, white wines and champagnes. It also offers black tea or apple/cinnamon infusions. Or you can find among our catalog a delicious blackcurrant syrup or a blackcurrant apple juice.

The list is obviously incomplete. Please check our catalog to discover all the drinks listed.

From our catalog, compose your gourmet boxes as you wish. According to your inspiration and your preferences, you can mix sweet flavors, savory flavors and drinks. If you have any questions at this stage, do not hesitate to contact our team !

Choose the packaging for your basket

Your gourmet boxes deserve the most beautiful packaging. In this case, a beautiful presentation will create the best effect when you hand over the corporate gift baskets for example. Conversely, poor packaging could lead to real disappointment. Indeed, several studies have been conducted on the subject. And they all come to the same conclusion  a nice packaging enhances the perceived value of the gift. On this basis, we give you the choice between various alternatives.

Namely, our catalog comes in several materials : cardboard, metal, vegetable fibers, wood, polypropylene, slate.


Today, cardboard is often seen used for packaging. First of all, this material has a good price-performance ratio. In addition, cardboard has the advantage of being lightweight. For transportation, this is a real advantage.

At the same time, this material is particularly malleable. Thus, we can offer you several shapes for your gourmet boxes.

Aesthetically speaking, cardboard packaging keeps its promise. In this case, we give you the choice between several colors and various finishes. Finally, note that cardboard has a good image from an ecological point of view. And for good reason, it is a recyclable and compostable material.

So you want a cardboard packaging for your gourmet boxes? So make your choice from our catalog !


To package your gourmet boxes, you can otherwise prefer metal. Compared to cardboard, this material proves to be more durable. Thus, people will be able to keep their basket and reuse it to store products of all kinds.

With metal, the solidity is also there. In this case, such a packaging will have little chance of being damaged during transport. Thus, you will have the certainty to give gourmet boxes in good condition.

Moreover, a metal packaging will accentuate the perceived value of the basket. If you want to make a statement, you can opt for metal baskets. Note that the aesthetics of these packages are quite satisfactory. So do not hesitate to discover our various models via our catalog !

Vegetable fibers

Vegetable fibers are another alternative for your gourmet boxes. In this case, you can for example opt for beautiful wicker baskets. Alternatively, you can make the choice of bamboo baskets. Feel free to browse the catalog to discover the other possibilities.

Namely, packaging made of plant fibers are globally very well perceived. These are also very aesthetically pleasing. In addition, note that they prove to be durable. Thus, people will be able to use them for a good number of years.

If you would like gourmet boxes made of plant fibers, then check out our catalog !


In parallel, we offer wooden packaging, which comes in various designs. In particular, you can find among our catalog boards, rectangular baskets, boxes, trays, or bannetons. To be precise, you can choose between several sizes and shapes.

For your information, wood is an interesting alternative. In this case, it is a solid and stable material. Thus, it will be possible to keep the packaging for a long time. Afterwards, it could be used to store other food products.

By the way, a wooden packaging also presents a real elegance if you want to offer a woman  thank you gift. Thus, you will definitely make a mark with such a choice.


Did you know ? Polypropylene, also known as polypropene, refers to a thermoplastic resin obtained by polymerizing propylene monomer using catalysts. Anyway, it is a material often used for packaging because it is safe for food contact. Thus, our catalog proposes this material for your gourmet boxes.

As you will see, we give you the choice between several very aesthetic models. As it happens, these can be reused later on.


Finally, there is another option available to you  a slate tray ! Obviously, this alternative is not suitable with all products. However, if your selection allows it, you could bring a touch of originality with this material.

In this case, it is a durable packaging, which can be kept for many years. In everyday life, a slate tray can be used to present cheese, for example. Such a choice would be particularly appreciated.

As you can see, we offer many packaging alternatives. So make your choice from the various alternatives in our catalog. And above all, do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions.

Customize your tasting package

You want to offer unique gourmet boxes ? Then know that you can go further in the personalization. Indeed, you can add the message of your choice to your tasting package. To do so, you can slip a card on which we will write the message of your choice. In addition, you can add a tasting card inside the package.

At the same time, you can write the message of your choice on the packaging thanks to one of the following techniques: UV printing, engraving on glass, engraving on wood. Finally, the personalization can be done thanks to a sticker stuck on the packaging.

Why add a personalized card in your gourmet boxes ?

Non-personalized gourmet boxes will obviously please. However, they may seem impersonal. Conversely, a well-written card has every chance of generating a positive feeling. So don’t neglect this personalization and take the time to write a message, which will leave a lasting impression.

For your message, we advise you to keep it simple. Find the right words without getting lost in the details.

Why personalize the packaging of your gourmet boxes ?

You wonder about the interest of personalizing the packaging ? Here again, such an approach can make a big difference. In this case, you can transform your company committee gourmet box into a real communication medium. With this in mind, you can for example add your company’s name and logo to the packaging.

Even if it is optional, we strongly recommend that you personalize your gourmet boxes. Our team is of course at your disposal if you need help on the subject!

Notre catalogue ne répond pas exactement à vos attentes ? Vous n’avez trouvé aucune création à votre goût ? Dans ce cas, nous vous proposons de créer votre propre panier garni personalisé. Autrement dit, nous vous donnons carte blanche pour vos coffrets gourmands !

En l’occurrence, la première étape consiste à choisir le contenu de vos colis dégustation. Lors de la deuxième étape, vous déciderez de l’emballage. Et pour finir, vous avez la possibilité de personnaliser vos paniers garnis.

A savoir, notre équipe se tient à vos côtés durant ces étapes afin de vous aider si nécessaire. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez la moindre question !

Sélectionnez le contenu de vos coffrets gourmands

Vous voulez composer vos coffrets gourmands ? La première étape consiste donc à sélectionner leur contenu. En l’occurrence, vous pouvez choisir parmi l’ensemble des produits de notre carte. Comme vous le verrez, notre catalogue se décline en saveurs sucrées, saveurs salées et boissons.

Quel que soit le type de produit choisi, vous pouvez être sûr de leur qualité. Pour rappel, nous sélectionnons chaque saveur avec la plus grande attention.

A la découverte des saveurs sucrées

Vous aimeriez inclure des saveurs sucrées dans vos coffrets gourmands ? Nous vous en donnons alors bien évidemment la possibilité. En l’occurrence, la France est très connue pour ses desserts, ses pâtisseries et plus généralement pour ses douceurs. Dans ce contexte, notre catalogue référence des chocolats, des biscuits, des confitures, des confiseries et des pâtes de fruits.

Par exemple, parmi les produits proposés, vous pouvez trouver un sachet praliné fève de tonka, des mini-tablettes de chocolat, des biscuits rose de Reims, des cookies au chocolat, des nonettes au miel & cassis, des bouchées de pain d’épices au cassis ou encore une confiture litchi et framboise. Bien évidemment, la liste s’avère loin d’être exhaustive.

Vous souhaitez découvrir l’ensemble de nos saveurs sucrées ? Consultez sans plus tarder notre catalogue ! Et faites votre choix en fonction de vos préférences.

Un large choix parmi les saveurs salées

En parallèle, le terroir Français compte de nombreuses saveurs salées d’exception. Celles-ci sont ainsi représentées dans notre catalogue. En l’occurrence, celui-ci vous fera voyager aux quatre coins de la France.

A savoir, nous pouvons découper nos saveurs salées en plusieurs catégories : foie gras, confits, pâtés, terrines, biscuits apéritifs, tartinables, antipasti, plats cuisinés, produits de salaison et condiments. Comme vous le comprenez, le choix s’avère vaste pour vos coffrets gourmands.

Pour la composition de vos paniers garnis, vous pouvez alors par exemple opter pour un bloc de foie gras de canard. Comme vous le verrez, plusieurs quantités sont proposées. Vous pouvez sinon faire le choix d’un confit d’oignons au miel, d’un chutney de figues.

Si vous désirez inclure des biscuits apéritifs, vous avez la possibilité d’ajouter des sablés aux oignons ou encore des gaufrettes betterave & échalote. En parallèle, notre catalogue propose par exemple une terrine à la châtaigne, un antipasti de Saint-Jacques aux agrumes et du houmous rose au chèvre.

Dans la catégorie « plats cuisinés », nous avons notamment du canard aux cèpes. Enfin, vous trouverez aussi parmi notre catalogue de la moutarde aux algues, du vinaigre au zeste de combava ou encore une saucisse aux cèpes. 

Les possibilités s’avèrent donc nombreuses, d’autant que nous n’avons pas cité tous les produits salés. Découvrez-les tous en parcourant notre catalogue en ligne !

Zoom sur les boissons

Vous aimeriez enrichir vos coffrets gourmands d’une ou plusieurs boissons ? Sachez alors que DJEFF & MATH CREATION vous offre un beau choix dans ce domaine. Pour rappel, nous proposons uniquement des boissons fabriquées en France.

Selon vos préférences, vous pouvez alors opter pour une boisson sucrée, du thé, du café, du vin, un spiritueux, une bière ou encore un apéritif.

Vous voulez avoir un meilleur aperçu des boissons de notre catalogue ? Sachez alors que ce dernier contient notamment des vins rosés, des vins rouges, des vins blancs et des champagnes. Celui-ci propose également du thé noir ou encore des infusions pomme / cannelle. Ou encore, vous pouvez trouver parmi notre catalogue un délicieux sirop de cassis ou encore un jus pomme cassis.

La liste s’avère bien évidemment incomplète. Consultez sans plus attendre notre catalogue afin de découvrir l’ensemble des boissons référencées.

A partir de notre catalogue, composez donc vos coffrets gourmands comme bon vous semble. Selon votre inspiration et vos préférences, vous pouvez mêler saveurs sucrées, saveurs salées et boissons. Si vous avez la moindre question à cette étape, n’hésitez surtout pas à prendre contact avec notre équipe !

Choisissez le packaging de votre panier

Vos coffrets gourmands méritent le plus bel emballage. En l’occurrence, une belle présentation créera le meilleur effet lorsque vous remettrez les paniers garnis pour entreprise par exemple. A l’inverse, un packaging médiocre pourrait engendrer une véritable déception. En effet, plusieurs études ont été menées sur le sujet. Et toutes arrivent à la même conclusion : un joli emballage permet de rehausser la valeur perçue du cadeau. Sur cette base, nous vous donnons le choix entre diverses alternatives.

A savoir, notre catalogue se décline en plusieurs matières : carton, métal, fibres végétales, bois, polypropylène, ardoise.


Aujourd’hui, le carton se voit souvent utilisé pour les emballages. Cette matière présente tout d’abord un bon rapport qualité prix. De plus, le carton a l’avantage d’être léger. Pour le transport, cela constitue un véritable avantage.

En parallèle, cette matière s’avère particulièrement malléable. Ainsi, nous pouvons vous proposer plusieurs formes pour vos coffrets gourmands.

Niveau esthétique, les emballages en carton tiennent leur promesse. En l’occurrence, nous vous donnons le choix entre plusieurs coloris et diverses finitions. Enfin, notez que le carton possède une bonne image d’un point de vue écologique. Et pour cause, il s’agit d’une matière recyclable et compostable.

Vous voulez donc un emballage en carton pour vos coffrets gourmands ? Faites donc votre choix parmi notre catalogue !


Pour emballer vos coffrets gourmands, vous pouvez sinon privilégier le métal. Comparé au carton, cette matière s’avère plus durable. Ainsi, les personnes pourront conserver leur panier et le réutiliser pour stocker des produits en tous genres.

Avec le métal, la solidité est aussi au rendez-vous. En l’occurrence, un tel emballage aura peu de chance de s’abimer pendant le transport. Ainsi, vous aurez la certitude de remettre des coffrets gourmands en bon état.

De plus, un emballage en métal accentuera la valeur perçue du panier. Si vous souhaitez marquer les esprits, vous pouvez donc opter pour des paniers métalliques. Notez d’ailleurs que l’esthétique de ces emballages s’avère tout à fait satisfaisante. N’hésitez donc pas à découvrir nos divers modèles via notre catalogue !

Fibres végétales

Les fibres végétales constituent une autre alternative pour vos coffrets gourmands. En l’occurrence, vous pouvez par exemple opter pour de beaux paniers en osier. Vous pouvez sinon faire le choix de corbeilles en bambou. N’hésitez pas à parcourir le catalogue pour découvrir les autres possibilités.

A savoir, les emballages en fibres végétales sont globalement très bien perçus. Ceux-ci se montrent d’ailleurs très esthétiques. De plus, notez qu’ils s’avèrent durables. Ainsi, les personnes pourront s’en servir pendant bon nombre d’années.

Si vous aimeriez des coffrets gourmands en fibres végétales, consultez donc notre catalogue !


En parallèle, nous proposons des emballages en bois, qui se déclinent en divers modèles. Vous pouvez notamment trouver parmi notre catalogue des planches, des corbeilles rectangles, des coffrets, des plateaux, ou encore des bannetons. Pour préciser, vous avez le choix entre plusieurs tailles et plusieurs formes.

Pour information, le bois incarne une alternative intéressante. En l’occurrence, il s’agit d’une matière solide et stable. Ainsi, il sera possible de conserver l’emballage un bon moment. Par la suite, celui-ci pourrait par exemple servir à conserver d’autres produits alimentaires.

A propos, un emballage en bois présente également une véritable élégance si vous souhaitez offrir un cadeau de remerciement feminin . Vous marquerez ainsi à coup sûr les esprits avec un tel choix.


Le saviez-vous ? Le polypropylène, aussi appelé polypropène, désigne une résine thermoplastique obtenue par polymérisation du monomère propylène grâce à des catalyseurs. Quoi qu’il en soit, il s’agit d’une matière souvent utilisée pour les emballages puisqu’elle se montre sûre pour le contact alimentaire. Ainsi, notre catalogue propose cette matière pour vos coffrets gourmands.

Comme vous le verrez, nous vous donnons le choix entre plusieurs modèles très esthétiques. En l’occurrence, ceux-ci pourront être réutilisés par la suite.


Enfin, une autre possibilité s’offre à vous : un plateau en ardoise ! Bien évidemment, cette alternative ne convient pas avec tous les produits. Toutefois, si votre sélection le permet, vous pourriez apporter une touche d’originalité avec cette matière.

En l’occurrence, il s’agit d’un emballage durable, qui peut se conserver de nombreuses années. Dans le quotidien, un plateau en ardoise peut par exemple servir à présenter le fromage. Un tel choix serait ainsi particulièrement apprécié.

Comme vous l’avez compris, nous offrons de nombreuses alternatives en matière d’emballage. Faites donc votre choix parmi les différentes alternatives de notre catalogue. Et surtout, n’hésitez pas à prendre contact avec notre équipe si vous avez la moindre question.

Personnalisez votre colis dégustation

Vous voulez offrir des coffrets gourmands uniques ? Sachez alors que vous pouvez aller plus loin dans la personnalisation. En effet, vous pouvez ajouter le message de votre choix à votre colis dégustation. Pour ce faire, vous avez la possibilité de glisser une carte sur laquelle nous écrirons le message de votre choix. En plus, vous pouvez ajouter une fiche dégustation à l’intérieur du colis.

En parallèle, vous pouvez inscrire le message de votre choix sur l’emballage grâce à l’une des techniques suivantes : impression UV, gravure sur verre, gravure sur bois. Enfin, la personnalisation peut se faire grâce à un sticker collé sur l’emballage.

Pourquoi ajouter une carte personnalisée dans vos coffrets gourmands ?

Des coffrets gourmands non personnalisés vont bien évidemment faire plaisir. Toutefois, ils pourront paraître impersonnels. A l’inverse, une carte bien rédigée a toutes les chances de générer un sentiment positif. Ne négligez donc pas cette personnalisation et prenez le temps d’écrire un message, qui marquera les esprits.

Pour votre message, nous vous conseillons de faire dans la simplicité. Trouvez les mots justes sans vous perdre dans les détails.

Pourquoi personnaliser l’emballage de vos coffrets gourmands ?

Vous vous questionnez quant à l’intérêt de personnaliser l’emballage ? Là-encore, une telle démarche peut faire une grande différence. En l’occurrence, vous pouvez transformer votre coffret gastronomique comité d’entreprise en véritable support de communication. Dans cette optique, vous pouvez par exemple ajouter le nom et le logo de votre entreprise sur l’emballage.

Même si c’est facultatif, nous vous recommandons donc vivement de personnaliser vos coffrets gourmands. Notre équipe se tient bien évidemment à votre écoute si vous avez besoin d’aide sur le sujet !

Gourmet gift boxes to offer: personalize your gift

Have some questions about our products ?

Do you need help choosing your gourmet boxes, putting them together or even personalizing them? Whatever your request, you can count on our team. Indeed, we are at your disposal to answer all your questions. We would also be delighted to advise you if necessary. For any request, please contact our team without further delay !

A possible tasting before any order

By the way, please note that we offer you to taste our products before ordering them. In this case, you may be planning to place an order for several hundred euros. And logically, you do not want to make a mistake. Indeed, you want to make a good impression on your customers, partners, employees or others.

In this context, we welcome you in our premises for a tasting. You are too far away and can’t come to us? No problem  we will send you a sample of our products to the address of your choice.

Based on your tasting, you can then serenely choose the products of your gourmet boxes.

You don’t know DJEFF & MATH CREATION ?

We are a young company. However, many customers, individuals and professionals, have already trusted us.

As mentioned, we have a philosophy : to offer quality products in order to provide our customers with an exceptional taste experience. In order to achieve this goal, we select each flavor with the utmost care. Our team is constantly looking for new flavors. And as a reminder, we work exclusively with French products.

For your gourmet boxes, you can trust us. Moreover, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question !

You can offer gourmet packages in various situations. In this case, you can have this attention in the professional sphere as well as in the private sphere. No matter who the recipient is, you can be sure that your gift basket will be well received.

Indeed, it is an elegant and original gift. By this attention, you will please twice: once at the time of the reception of the parcel and the second time during the tasting of the products. With this gesture, you will offer an exceptional taste experience.

You want to please your employees, your partners, your customers or your relatives? So don’t hesitate any longer and choose one of our creations !

Professional sphere : an elegant gift

In the professional context, you can perfectly offer gourmet boxes. In this case, you can offer this gift to your customers, partners or even to your employees. Let’s bring more details on the subject  without further delay!

A wonderful business gift for your customers

Maintaining good relationships with your customers requires a lot of hard work. To keep your customers over time, you obviously need to provide quality services or products. That being said, there are some nice touches that will score you extra points.

In order to build customer loyalty, you can offer gourmet gift boxes. Such attention will show the importance you give to your different customers. Like many companies, you can reserve this gift for the end of the year.

As the Christmas holidays approach, your customers will indeed be delighted to receive a salted gift basket for example, containing delicious products.

A nice gesture to your partners

As part of your business development, you’ve probably entered into several strategic partnerships. In this case, you may be working with business contributors, subcontractors, etc. Keeping strong ties with your partners is probably essential for the smooth continuation of your business.

In this perspective, offering gourmet gift boxes can help strengthen your business ties. Such attention will show the importance, you give to your partners.

A great end-of-year gift for your employees

Many companies give end of the year gifts to their employees. If you want to do the same, then opt for gourmet boxes !

Such a gesture is a way to thank your teams for all the efforts made during the year. It is also a motivational tool. Indeed, with such an attention, your employees will feel valued. Thus, they will be more willing to get involved on a daily basis. Consequently, this can bring a positive impact on productivity but also on turnover. Thus, if you want to offer a thank you gift for men or women, this idea proves to be ideal. 

Giving gourmet gift sets obviously represents a cost. However, it is not an additional expense but an investment, which can bring many benefits. You wish to offer a gift to your employees, customers or partners? So make your choice from our catalog or compose your gourmet boxes !

Private sphere : a gift for all occasions

Are you looking for gifts for your loved ones ? Whether it is for a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or other, then you can perfectly opt for gourmet boxes. This type of gift can also be used to say thank you. If someone has done you a favor, this type of attention will be very well received.

Whatever the context, consult our catalog and make your choice. Or if you prefer, create your own tasting package. Whatever your choice, you can be sure to please with your gift!

Do you have any questions about certain products? You would like to benefit from our help to choose or to create your gourmet boxes? If you have any request, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer you as soon as possible !

You want to order gourmet boxes ? Then know that we can deliver your order anywhere in metropolitan France. To specify, we are able to ensure your delivery as soon as possible.

Please note that the carriers will take great care of your packages during the journey. Thus, you can be sure to receive them in good condition.

Do you have any questions? Would you like to speak to a consultant? Contact our team without delay!