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Entreprise : choisissez un cadeau d'exception !

Entreprise : choisissez un cadeau d’exception !

You wish to please your colleagues, collaborators or employees? Give them an exceptional gift with a gourmet basket that looks like them! With our selection of varied and artisanal products with unique flavors, you offer your colleagues or providers a real gustatory journey.

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Offer a unique corporate gift

Are you looking for an exceptional gift to give at your corporate events? Are you looking to thank your employees for their hard work and motivation? Our various gastronomic gift boxes for CE will delight their taste buds and make them discover (or rediscover) new flavors.

This exceptional gift, composed of artisanal and unique products, allows your employees to taste qualitative and original products. They will be able to discover new specialties and share their tasting with their loved ones during a relaxing moment. Prestigious, atypical or local products, to each collaborator his own tasting box.

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As a business, the coffret gourmand is a customizable, yet highly appreciated gift that you can give on many occasions. We are of course thinking of the end of year celebrations since many companies opt for the traditional Christmas gourmet package for example.

However, be aware that you can also congratulate your employees for their wedding or the arrival of a happy event. They will be able to have a relaxing moment to celebrate these pleasant moments. The same goes for retirements.

Finally, you can reward your employees or collaborators for their results and their investment. Indeed, it is not always necessary to wait for a particular event to offer a customized gourmet package of artisanal products, representative of French gastronomy.

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The choice of a gourmet basket requires first of all to know the tastes and what pleases your employees. At Djeff & Math Creation, you have the chance to choose from a selection of already composed baskets but also to create them to measure.

We adapt perfectly to everyone’s preferences, the important thing being to respect tastes and different diets. The sweet or savory, vegan, organic or even alcohol-free boxes are also available online. So the pleasure of taste will be there!”

In case of doubt, you can of course contact our team or consult our tips such as “What to choose between a sweet or savory basket?“.

Finally, when you, your company or your works council opt for an exceptional gift such as a gourmet basket, think of the spouse or family! For example, you can go for a box to share like the “Bag for Two “. Thinking of the spouse for a business gift is above all offering a moment of sharing and even a memory to your collaborator.

To succeed in an exceptional and successful corporate gift, choose the gourmet creations of Djeff & Math!