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La gastronomie : une histoire française

La gastronomie : une histoire française

Thanks to its tasty dishes cooked with passion, but also its desserts that delight the eyes as much as the taste buds, France is recognized by the greatest for its quality food as well as its many artisanal products. Gourmets and food lovers alike agree that gastronomy is indeed part of French history.

Our passion for this rich and varied French gastronomy has led us to create our gourmet food baskets. For your thank you gifts as well as for your food tasting baskets for CE, gastronomy and its history made in France invites itself to every table!

The history of French gastronomy

Famously recognized, French cuisine and, more generally, French gastronomy need no introduction. The latter is representative of all our beautiful regions (sauerkraut, bouillabaisse, quiche lorraine…) but also of our history. The pleasure of taste and good meals has been with us since the Middle Ages and its great banquets. In addition, our flagship products such as the croissant have crossed borders.

French gastronomy has the particularity of being as rich in salty products (duck leg, foie gras, snails, oysters, frogs, baguette, various cheeses… ) as well as sweet (profiteroles, crème brulée, Breton galettes, Champagne corks, tarte tatin, Montélimar nougat, …).

Moreover, our gastronomy doesn’t stop at the sweet or savory dishes mentioned above. Let’s not forget the many wines from various French vineyards! Pétrus, Château Latour, Sauvignon banc, Blanc de Noir champagne, …

Faced with this multitude of products, each more qualitative than the other, we had no choice but to offer you gourmet creations for all palates and all budgets!

At Djeff & Math Creations, we want to honor products from the four corners of France. To do this, we have surrounded ourselves with the best! Here we refer to artisans who are passionate about their craft and concerned about producing quality food.

So, before we offer a product or include it in one of our customized gourmet boxes, we test it. This way, we are sure to offer you the best possible compositions!

Dishes representative of our beautiful regions

By choosing one of our gourmet baskets, you will find sweet, but also savory dishes from our regions. Among them, we can notably mention a delicious foie gras from the southwest or a Basque cake with black cherries. Finally, from our beautiful Champagne region, you will find for example a Champagne ratafia or Fossier cookies.

For young and old alike, to enjoy with family or spouse, friends or colleagues: find French gastronomy in our salted gourmet parcels or sweet ones!”

Contact our team of connoisseurs without delay for any additional information.