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Le plaisir du goût !

Le plaisir du goût

To feel the difference between sweet and salty or to dissociate bitter from acid, taste and the gustatory pleasures it provides are fully part of our daily lives. Thus, our fifth sense allows us to taste the best recipes of our beautiful French gastronomy or to share artisanal products with our loved ones.

More than a simple feeling, the pleasure of taste offers beautiful culinary journeys that you will undoubtedly find thanks to the various products that compose our gourmet baskets. The team at Djeff & Math Création tells you more.

While taste is indeed a matter of pleasure for your palate, it is above all a physical mechanism. The latter is notably operated thanks to our tongue, our taste buds, but also our brain! Taste is a powerful and complex sense that allows us to feel the different flavors that surround us. It is thanks to it that we distinguish between sweet, salty, bitter, acid and umami. When we taste a dish, the pleasure of taste takes all its meaning when the flavors are revealed! This sense comes to finalize the tasting which also and firstly passes by the visual, but also the olfactory.

It is this pleasure provided by the taste that we wish to honor in our gastronomic boxes. To do this, we rely on the multitudes of flavors offered by the artisanal products of our partners. Alone or with your loved ones, learn or relearn to recognize the tastes of qualitative and tasty dishes!

Thanks to the tasting of new flavors and quality dishes, in addition to the pleasure of taste, you will also have the pleasure of sharing this moment with a friend, your family or your spouse.

In fact, if you have received a gourmet package or even a gourmet box, take the time to share it with those you care about. You can take advantage of this moment of sharing to discover new gustatory horizons, savor products that you both love or relax the atmosphere by trying to guess certain flavors, for example.

Did you like the idea and want to give your loved ones this experience? Check out our gourmet creations now.

Opt for a sweet basket garni or bet on 100% savory

For fans of nougats, panettones, pink cookies and other sweets, we offer a wide selection of sweet baskets garni. Among them, you will find compositions for all budgets with, for example, “The Ideal” at less than €20 or baskets with a higher price, but featuring exceptional products such as the “Tentation” and its pink champagne.

On the other hand, for fans of duck confit, rillettes and ewe’s milk cookies, all accompanied by an IPA-style craft beer, our 100% salted coffrets will make people happy.

The pleasure of taste: a subtle blend of flavors!

Would you like to offer your loved ones a complete taste journey? Do you think that the pleasure of taste is a subtle blend of flavors? Turn to our sweet and savory compositions! With this choice, you are sure to please your employees, but also their loved ones. Indeed, for your thank you gifts or even your business gifts: think of the spouse!!

Are you considering offering our gourmet boxes on behalf of your EC or as a thank you gift? Contact our team of enthusiasts now to offer a gourmet basket of artisanal products to your loved ones.