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Sucré ou salé  : quel coffret choisir ?

Sucré ou salé : quel coffret choisir ?

A real sure thing, the gourmet box must however be chosen with care and consequently leads us to the famous question: sweet or savory, which box to choose? Choosing your gourmet gift basket well proves your interest in the person, but is also an opportunity to make them get out of their comfort zone and discover new flavors!


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Sweet or savory: which box to choose to offer

Terrines, foie gras, tapenades or even cheese cookies meet in our 100% savory gourmet boxes. These delicacies from our beautiful regions will suit all your budgets. Also, they will allow the recipient to rediscover classics of French gastronomy and even, to discover new ones!”

Moreover, these products will adapt as well to the aperitif as to the starters, but also to the main courses or to the sweet/salty desserts. Nevertheless, find out about your recipients’ eating habits so that they can enjoy them to the fullest.

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Biscuits, confections, chocolates and other delights grace our various sweetened topped baskets. One of their notorious advantages is that sweet products often appeal to a wide range of people. That’s why, if you’re on the fence about whether to go sweet or savory, you’re less likely to go wrong with this choice.

In fact, a batch that includes honey, candy and cookies will (usually) appeal more easily than a box containing foie gras or fish rillettes.

So, a sweet gourmet box allows your employees’ or friends’ loved ones to enjoy it, whether it’s their spouses or their children!

You don’t know which box to choose between our savory gourmet baskets or our sweet gourmet boxes despite these tips? Discover the other possible solutions to make a success of your corporate gift basket or even your birthday gift.

Opt for a sweet and salty box

Why settle for only one flavor when you can offer both and please thanks to the different flavors present in our baskets! Indeed, this is a good solution if you are not completely sure of your friend or colleague’s preferences.

Furthermore, the baskets combining savory products and sweet artisanal products include appetizers as well as desserts and even drinks! Some of our boxes are even offered in backpacks. They can therefore be enjoyed at a picnic.

As you can see, our sweet and savory gourmet creations represent a sure value for your personal gifts as well as for your corporate gifts. Also, if you wish to benefit from our expert advice (which box to choose? which packaging to favor…), contact us without delay!

No longer choose between sweet or savory, compose your custom gourmet box!

If you’re still hesitating between a sweet or savory gourmet basket or if you can’t find your happiness among our mixed baskets, why not compose your own box!”

By opting for a customized gourmet box, you’ll be able to choose among our exceptional products, typical of the French gastronomy. You will thus find our selection of artisanal beers, jams, foies gras or even teas.

From the sweet and savory products to the packaging (bag, box, basket, …), get in touch with the Djeff & Math Creation team now to make a custom gourmet basket!!